Protect your costly circuit board from electrical spikes.

Spa Circuit Board - Surge Protector
Spa Circuit Board - Surge Protector
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Product Description

Spa Circuit Board - Surge Protector
Finally a way to protect your expensive Spa Circuit Boards from power surges. This unit is hard wired to your pcb electical connections. Please be sure to choose 120v only(3 wire), 120/220 convertable (four wire) and 220v (3 wire). Wiring diagrahm included.

Why You Need Surge Protectors. Surge control is important because even small surges or spikes can eventually destroy or affect the performance of expensive electronic equipment such as computers, phones, faxes, TVs, VCRs, stereos and microwaves. Damage can occur either instantaneously or over time as smaller surges cause the gradual deterioration of internal circuitry. The common use of microprocessors (chips) has increased the need for surge protection because these chips are generally very sensitive to voltage fluctuations.

What Are Surges and Spikes? Surges and spikes are an increase in "normal" electrical line voltage, often caused by a sudden change or demand for more electricity, such as turning on a large appliance, garbage disposal, air conditioner, washer, dryer, etc.

A surge typically measures less than 500V and lasts less than two seconds.

A spike, by definition, is much shorter in duration - less than one-thousandth of a second (millisecond), but can measure into the thousands of volts. Either type of disturbance can damage electronic equipment beyond practical repair. In addition to change in demand for electricity, bad weather (lightning) and everyday electric utility company switching and maintenance can produce damaging electrical surges on the power line.

How Surge Protectors Work. Surge protectors act like an electrical sponge, absorbing dangerous excess voltage and preventing most of it from reaching your sensitive equipment. Like a sponge, surge protectors have a limited capacity to absorb. Once the capacity is reached, the unit is no longer protecting your equipment and it should be replaced.