Hot Tub Covers

Hot Tub Covers
Our hot tub covers are the best in the business and have 3 year warranty! SAFETY COVER COMPLIANCE

All Ideal Spa Covers are made in accordance with the ASTM F1346-91 Standard for Manual Safety Covers. In addition to the following test results Ideal has been classified by (UL) Underwriters Laboratories

Most Markets nationwide have barrier code requirements. Without a safety label and documentation, you or your customer will have a hard time pulling a permit!


Static Load: In the case of spas with a width or diameter greater than 8' from the periphery, the cover shall be able to hold a weight of 485 pounds to permit a rescue operation. In the case of a spa with a width or diameter not greater than 8' the cover shall withstand the weight of 275 pounds.

Perimeter Deflection: The covers shall be designed in such a way that when it is tested, deflection of the cover does not allow the test object to pass between the cover and the side of the spa, or to gain access to the water.

Other Requirements: Special labeling, fastening (locking down), surface drainage and conformance on literature and notifications standards.


Every Ideal Spa Cover receives a Quality Certificate Number.

These numbers let Ideal Spa Covers management know the individual employees who have manufactured, inspected and boxed your spa cover.

These numbers play an important role in keeping the covers you receive at the highest level of quality and enable us to respond to any problem with pin point accuracy!

Please retain your certificate with the warranty and spa information!


Top grade 29 oz. marine vinyl with 100% polyester reinforced backing.

All of the vinyl used to manufacture an Ideal Spa Cover is purchased from ISO 9001 suppliers. This vinyl is exclusively produced by the leader in the industry (SPA- TECH - SPASHIELD ).

Treated with high levels of mildew and UV inhibitors, it passes 1500 hrs. in the testing machine "Weatherometer".

Vinyl used for automobiles fails at 300 hrs. Marine Grade Vinyl without these protectants fail at 500 hrs.(t


11 ounce scuff resistant double-laminated vinyl with polyester - Weft reinforcing scrim, with -40 degree cold crack*.

Resists normal wear against spa chemical and sanitation methods.

This bottom side vinyl is so strong we use it throughout our spa covers for over 20 points of internal reinforcing.

* Weft: a crosshatch weave, creates an interlocking fiber and provides extremely strong vinyl.


We use only moisture-resistant, virgin polystyrene, not formed-reground or scrap foam, as found in inferior covers. The foam is tapered 4"-2" (pitched) this allows for the greatest water run off rate available, twice that of most of our competitors. This adds longer life to an Ideal Spa Cover even in very wet climates.

Depending on the density of foam you select, our foam's R-Value ranges from R-15 for 1lb density foam to R-19 for 2lb density foam and R-22 for Super Nova Super Foam.

CHANNEL REINFORCEMENT C-channels are countersunk into special grooves in the core for superior structural integrity using 20 gauge galvanized steel. The "C" channel are manufactured with special reverse ribs for 30% greater strength than other "C" channels. This provides durable support across the center of the cover.

VPB 3000 (VAPOR PROOF BARRIER) All foam cores after being reinforced are completely sealed in Ideals exclusive V.P.B. 3000 technique. This unique proprietary material, along with our state-of-the-art vacuum-sealing equipment, makes Ideal's foam cores 10 times more resistant to moisture than standard 3 and 4 mil polyethylene film used by other spa cover manufacturers. (Double Wrap Available).

This exclusive, confidential sealing method assures a complete, perfect seal every time,which guarantees an Ideal Spa Cover foam panel will not absorb water.


Ideal Spa Covers have two revolutionary insulating gaskets located under each half side of the cover, where the cover halves fold together.

Heat seal gaskets prevent heat loss in the location between the two cover halves. They seal automatically when the cover is closed.

Each heat seal gasket is a vinyl square that is insulated, then sewn into place. No threads are used on the underside. This assures sewing stays intact even if the cover is dragged.

Ideal Spa Covers heat seal gaskets protect the bottom of the cover from damage when the cover is removed and left to stand on rough surfaces.

Heat seal gaskets and our special design is an Ideal Spa Cover innovation.

HINGE Ideal Spa Covers' hinge has four layers of our tough vinyl as internal reinforcement.

The hinge is double stitched to the top vinyl for added strength and durability. This means added strength to this high stress area.

This extremely strong 1" hinge allows our spa covers easy compatibility to the many cover removal systems on the market today.

The Ideal hinge was put to the test when an Ideal Spa Cover was hooked up to an automatic arm with a SUPERLIFT2. The cover was lifted on and off over 8000 times with no significant wear to the hinge.

DRAIN GROMMETS Drain grommets are placed on the bottom vinyl.

They are non-corrosive and are made of industrial grade acetyl nylon.Drain grommets prevent water from accumulating between vinyl and polyethylene.

Low profile, made not to protrude, the grommets will not scratch the lip of the spa as cover is slid off.

ZIPPER Ideal Spa Covers use a commercial grade, true #5 nylon zipper.

The zipper is protected from damage by a protective vinyl flap along the entire length of the zipper - the flap is reinforced at the corners to promote long life of flap and zipper.

The zipper pull has its own pocket which neatly tucks out of the way and can easily be unzipped to replace the foam cores if need be.

HANDLES, GAZEBO HANDLES, AND TIE DOWN STRAPS Handles and tie down are extremely strong and cross stitched and reinforced for added strength and durability.

Ideal Spa Covers uses tough bottom vinyl to reinforce these high stress areas, assuring long life and trouble-free use.

Gazebo handles are unique handles located along the zipper portion of the cover, making them ideal in gazebo applications as well as with cover removal systems.

LOCKING TIE DOWN HARDWARE (SURE-LOC FASTENERS) Ideal Spa Covers' locks are modeled after the quick-release buckles found on sports equipment today and were designed specifically to meet standards set by ASTM for Safety Spa Covers.

Each lock may be individually locked with a key provided.

They can be easily installed with stainless steel screws supplied in the hardware packet provided.

These attractive locks are a safer alternative to the now archaic, twist-lock style.

THREAD, SEWING AND FINISHING TOUCHES Ideal Spa Covers uses polyester thread treated with UV and mold inhibitors.

Polyester thread holds up to years of sunlight, weather, and chemicals.

Polyester thread has a nice finish, not unlike that of fine leather goods.

Cotton-wound polyester thread is used for strength and fine finish.

Ideal's cotton-wound thread meets the Los Angeles Standard for repelling harnesses.

Cotton-wound polyester thread expands to inhibit water penetration through sewing holes.

Ideal Spa Covers uses a locking backstitching to assure no unraveling. Consistent stitching and clean tie offs make a stronger spa cover.

Ideal also uses their signature Welting Design, which gives a four layer seam that is extremely durable.

The professional sewing of all Ideal Covers is highly supervised by the original experts in sewing construction.

WARRANTY 1. One year vinyl guarantee-will not fade or oxidize

If your cover should fade or oxidize within the first year, call Ideal (714-871-2999) and they will replace the vinyl or cover at their option at no charge.

2. Two Year Foam Core Guarantee-will not absorb water

If your foam cores take on water within the first two years, call Ideal (714-288-9996) and they will replace the foam cores or the cover at their option at no charge.

3. Three year warranty on workmanship and materials

If your spa cover shows a defect in workmanship or materials call Ideal (714-288-9996) and they will replace the vinyl or cover at their option at no charge.



WARNING: Don't be fooled by unreasonable long term warranties. Warranty coverage should be for a reasonable time period and supported by a company that's been in business longer than the warranty period!

All information provided by Ideal Spa Cover Manufacturing

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